Avery Row Coastal Theme Nursery Space

Bring the Beach to Your Home & Garden

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Transform your home and garden into a coastal paradise with these delightful nursery decor, toys, and creative ideas. Get ready to dive into fun and let the waves of joy wash over your little one's space! With charming sea-themed accents and imaginative outdoor play areas, you'll create a magical, beach-inspired haven that will captivate and delight your child.

Coastal Nursery decor

Incorporating coastal-themed items into your nursery decor can create a serene and whimsical environment for your little one. Think soft blues, sandy neutrals, and playful sea motifs that evoke the calm and beauty of the beach. Coastal decor not only adds a touch of tranquility but also stimulates your baby's imagination with the magic of ocean life.

Coastline Collection

Avery Row

Explore the timeless charm of the British coast with Avery Row's Coastline print. Spot the puffins nesting on cliffs, shoals of fish frolicking in the shallows and crabs exploring rockpools, with the beautiful illustration. Paired with a complimentary blue waves print, you can mix and match the styles to fit any space.

Deep Sea Baby Mobile


This enchanting hanger is perfect to hang above the playpen and let your baby enjoy a sea of adventures. The mobile has a lot of ocean friends on it, such as whales, turtles and seahorses, together with playful shells, stars and moons.

Sailors Bay Squeaker

Little Dutch

Cuddle time just got an upgrade with plush toys shaped like adorable shells and starfish. Perfect for snuggling and sparking imaginative beach adventures.

Bring the beach indoors

Repurposing beach toys not only extends their use but also opens up a world of creative possibilities, sparking imagination and fun for your children. By incorporating these versatile toys into daily activities, you can make everyday moments more engaging and enjoyable, providing endless opportunities for learning and play.

Inflatable Pool

Little Dutch

Turn your inflatable pool into an indoor play haven for your little ones! Transform your pool into a ball pit or a cozy nest filled with cuddly toys.

Bucket Set


Beach buckets and shovels can double as pretend kitchen tools. Use them in a play kitchen setup, where kids can “cook” with sand, rice, or pasta, stirring and serving imaginary meals.

Coastal Outdoor Play

Adding creative beach-themed outdoor play to your home can transform your backyard into a seaside adventure for your little one. Incorporate beach-themed decorations like seashell wind chimes and fairy lights shaped like starfish or fish to add a touch of magic. This coastal-inspired play area will bring the of the beach right to your doorstep, making every day a fun and memorable adventure.

Beach Tent


Set up a cozy beach tent in your backyard for shady picnics, reading time, or imaginative play. It's the perfect spot for your little one to enjoy sunny days in true beach bum style.

Sprinkler Mat

Little Dutch

Beat the heat with a ocean-themed sprinkler mat that lets your kids run through refreshing water jets. It's like having the ocean waves right in your backyard!

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