Our Baby Changing Mats

Given that your baby is changed multiple times a day, a baby changing mat certainly is must have. Our collection of baby changing mats are not only practical but they have been designed for the interior conscious parent. Our mats are handmade here in the UK from nursery graded foam and non-toxic fabric which is not only waterproof it is also wipeable and so makes for a speedy and hygienic clean up post nappy change!

We have designed a range for four baby changing mat styles, so suit your every need. Here's a rundown of our baby changing mats to help you choose the perfect one: 



Sometimes known as an anti-roll baby changing mat, they are constructed from a super supportive, thick foam with raised edges and a wipeable cover. They are our most popular baby changing mat and can be used on a baby changing table or on the floor. They are by no means an ‘anti-roll’ baby changing mat – once you have a baby you’ll know just how determined and strong they can be! But our wedge baby changing mats certainly help to position the baby in the centre of the mat and help slow down your wriggly baby during nappy changes.
With its thick and supportive base, your little one will be sure to find it a comfortable surface for nappy changes, tummy time or playtime under a play gym.



Our baby changing mats measure approximately 76cm by 4cm (79cm including the fringe) and have padded sides. This type of baby changing mat is best used within a baby changing table but can also be used after bath time and on the floor for convenient nappy changes. These baby changing mats are often combined with our travel baby changing mats which are so handy to pop into your baby changing bag for quick nappy changes whilst out and about. You can also team with our range of baby changing bags.



Our compact and wipeable travel baby changing mats ensure a practical and comfortable changing surface wherever. Easy to fold up and pop into your baby changing bag or you could use them inside one of our baby changing baskets.  Our travel baby changing mats measure 35x15x5cm when folded and 60x35x1cm when laid flat. With their thick supportive foam, your little one will feel comfortable during those on the go nappy changes.  



Mabel & Fox gorgeous basket changing mat liners are a beautiful changing mat alternative. They can be combined with our stunning seagrass baby changing baskets for a beautiful, yet practical changing station. Once your little one has moved on from nappies, use the Mabel and Fox changing basket as storage or a decorative tray around the house.