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    It’s never too early to introduce your child to the world of books and stories. Our ever growing range here at Mabel & Fox includes bath books through to classic story books, along with kids diversity books and even educational titles.

    Research shows, that reading frequently is one of the finest ways to expose little ones to language, which in turn gives them a kickstart when it comes social skills. Moreover, the more frequently you read to your child, the greater their future literacy and thinking skills will be.

    Benefits of reading to Little Ones:
    • Turning pages, lifting flaps and holding books can develop fine motor skills.
    • Reading from an early age can help to foster then mentality that reading is fun!
    • Helps to develop closer bonds to your children and by making story time special can enable children to look forward to bedtime and embrace it.
    • Develops understanding of speech and language skills, along with cognitive and memory skills too!
    • Can help to develop emotional literacy and understanding. 
    • Expands vocabulary and a later on in life writing skills.
    Here at Mabel & Fox we love to read with our own children and they have loved the range of books we have on offer. These have been tested and approved by the most fierce critics (our littles), so you'll be sure to find a hit!