Product Care

Best care for our changing mats:
Our changing mats receive regular use, and therefore we recommend you adhere to the below care advice to assist with a longer lasting product:
  • After each use clean your mat with warm soapy water only.
  • Never use household cleaning products (in particular those that contain bleach) as this will lead to your PVC becoming brittle, which leads to tears. 
  • Always check the underside of your mat after use, ensuring that it is clean and dry.
  • Please be aware that our mats are not stain resistant to strong colours, this can include foods such as tomatoes, curries or coloured nappy creams. We recommend that you clean your mat immediately after use to reduce staining.
  • Store your changing mat away after each use (without anything on top of it).
  • Changing mats are not recommended as a mattress or for sleeping on.
  • Our changing mats are not a toy.
  • Do not machine wash. 
  • Keep out of direct sunlight - this can lead to weakening of material which can lead to tears.
  • Please keep away from heat - this can lead to weakening of material which can lead to tears.
  • For comfort out mats are made from soft materials. However, with regular or improper use they can become subject to wear and tear.
  • Ensure your mat is not left damp - this could encourage mould. 
  • Never leave your baby unattended on a changing mat.
Best care for splash Mats:
Whilst our splash mats are great for cleaning up most mealtime mess, they are not stain resistant and so certain foods such as the dreaded pasta sauce may stain your mat (in the same way it will your babies clothes!). Our splash mats are designed to take the brunt of messy mealtimes and to protect your floors and carpets. If staining is an issue then we encourage you to select one of our darker prints and/or avoid using the splash mat during mealtimes that contain foods that are likely to stain.