It’s safe to say that a baby changing mat is used fairly frequently… and so it’s right up there on the baby essentials list. But which baby changing mat is right for you? We’ve given a run down of our three baby changing mats styles to help you find the right one.
Why a Mabel & Fox Changing Mat?
With so many baby changing mats on the market why should you choose ours?
  • Our changing mats are made from British Standard Nursery Graded Foam
  • They are ultra-padded for a supportive surface
  • Made from a non toxic PVC
  • Wipeable and waterproof
  • Design and manufactured in the UK
  • Fit seamlessly into your home
Wedge Baby Changing Mat
Our best selling style, because it can offer so much! Our wedge changing mat features raised edges which is a great choice for wriggly babies! Whilst they don’t prevent your baby from rolling (they can be pretty strong can’t they!) they do help to slow your babies movements. These raised edges also help your baby to feel safe and secure during nappy changes.
Our wedge baby changing mat is great if you’re tight on space; many of our customers will use this style on top of a chest of drawers if they don’t have space for a changing table. But please do remember never to leave your baby unattended on a high surface.
It might be helpful to know that we’re still using our wedge mat 18 months on – and it’s still big enough for our son.
Table Changing Mat
Table Changing Mat
Our table changing mats are designed to fit into most changing tables. They measure 80 x 46cm and have raised padded sides to ensure a comfy surface for a baby change. We’ve opted for an extra thick layer of padded foam for additional comfort.
Our table changing mats are a good bet if you plan to have a changing table in your nursery – especially if you plan to store all your nappies & wipes underneath – a perfect changing station! They are lightweight and can easily be moved around the house if needed.
Travel Changing Mat
In our opinion, an absolute must have! Not only are our travel changing mats a practical compact mat for out and about changes, they can be kept downstairs to avoid unnecessary trips upstairs! We’ve opted for a 1cm foam thickness, which means your baby has a padded surface when out and about but they also fold down & can be popped into your changing bag easily.
One of our favourite things about these travel baby changing mats are the fact that you can also use them in a changing basket – a trend we have seen grow over the past few years.