Baby Changing Essential – What do you really need?
It might sound a bit militant to have a ‘changing station’ but when you’re changing your baby for what seems like 1000 times a day it super handy to have everything contained in one place for speedy changes.
We also encourage that not only do you have a changing set up in the nursery but you have a more portable version downstairs, to save on the constant trips upstairs. This is where our travel changing essentials come into their own.
So when you have decided where your ‘stations’ will go – what do you need to have to hand?
Find some of our absolute favourite changing essentials below:
Subscription Nappies & Wipes – One of the best nappy brands we have used are Mum & You who offer a subscription service. It was super handy as each month we had a delivery of nappies and wipes arrive without giving it a second thought. The nappies are eco friendly and their wipes are biodegradable. You can choose different subscription options & you can even pause/restart if needed.
Mum & You
Kit & Kin Biodegradable nappy sacks – an absolute must have for those oh so smelly nappy changes! And the fact that they are biodegradable is great! A little trick… if you loosely tie up the bag you can get 2-3 nappies in one sack!
Nappy Cream – this is an easy one to recommend. Without doubt the best nappy cream is Metanium – both my babies suffered with nappy rash badly whilst teething and it was the only cream to work. They sell a cream to treat nappy rash and a cream to prevent. 
Changing Mat – it goes without saying that you need a changing mat for your changing station. We have written a detailed blog post here if you need help with which style is right for you.  We’d would recommend you have either a wedge or table mat (depending on your space) & supplement this with one of our mini mats downstairs in your ‘portable’ changing station.
Storage – one of the best hacks we have seen is to utilise your wall space. Put up some shelves, or hooks to hang some wall baskets and use this as a place to keep nappies, wipes, creams etc. We also found these crates super handy to store changing essentials – plus they are stackable!
Sensory Accessories – Some babies don’t much like having their nappy changed so you may want to consider introduction some ‘distraction’ accessories. One of the best products for this is from the lovely Etta Loves brand who sells sensory muslin based products. They have produced a really nifty wall print that will capture your little ones attention & calm them down during a nappy change.
Nappy Caddy – we asked our followers the best changing essential and without doubt the ‘nappy caddy’ was the most recommended. They have separate compartments that you’re able to store all your creams, nappies, wipes, muslins etc & the handles mean that are easy to port around.